I am passionate about lending enlightenment to the often shrouded world of rough diamonds.


I am a trailblazer by nature; first, N. Rothmann is one of the very few women owned businesses in a predominantly male dominated profession. Second, I seek to drive change by moving our industry away from the sometimes cryptic and often hushed exchange of information. It is my goal to usher in transparency to this fascinating world, and the

N. Rothmann blog is a first-of-its kind platform toward that end.


The blog is intended for two distinct audiences. Colleagues and fellow professionals in the diamond industry will benefit from the collaborative platform, intended to be utilized as a safe, free exchange of ideas and commentary.


The second audience lies outside the industry. My home - the world of diamond trading - is fraught with travel, suspense, passion and intrigue. I invite you into this fascinating business and together we will uncover every mystery, from the mine to the ring. You will be my guest on worldwide adventures where the unexpected peeks around every corner, deals are struck, dreams are fulfilled and myths are dispelled. We will meet industry insiders at every link of the chain, from tycoons to mine workers, and learn the inner workings of diamond trading.


You are in not only for a thrill, but a unique perspective, an opportunity to learn and contribute, and a ticket to uncover the secrets of diamonds.


Join me.