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Adv. Nahum Feinberg

Nahum Feinberg is an Israeli lawyer, the senior partner at the law firm N. Finberg & Co.

Adv. Nahum Feinberg

N. Feinberg & co. is proud to be the largest law firm in israel in the field of labor relations, and the only one that represents employers exclusively. The firm provides a full labor law service to the country’s largest and leading employers from a wide array of sectors.

As a veteran law firm working in a volatile legal and organizational reality, our firm constitutes an island of stability for our clients. with seniority and experience accrued over more than 45 years, Adv. Nachum Feinberg is the most senior attorney in Israel in the field of labor law. Adv. Feinberg has built up a strong-minded team of partners, who lead our experienced legal teams in the handling of complex cases, disputes and court representation. A tradition of professionalism and fairness, formed over the years, is expressed in our relations with our clients, courts and colleagues. Alongside this tradition, we foster a culture of innovative legal thinking and a firm adherence to professionalism, which is characteristic of the current generation of partners.


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