"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value".

–Albert Einstein

At N. Rothmann we specialize in:


  • Brokering major rough diamond deals,

  • Managing diamond tenders.

  • Publishing analytical reports of the rough diamond market. 

  • Promoting, branding and logistics managing of diamond projects.


Reliable, Current Source on Rough Diamonds:

N. Rothmann consistently provides invaluable analysis reports of the rough diamond market including pricing indexes, trends and forecasts. As a seasoned broker, I have ample experience brokering rough diamond deals of any magnitude and directing rough diamond tenders. 

Integrity First
Over the years, I have built an extensive, reliable network of resources which allows me to provide solid, accurate data on rough diamonds. My reputation for integrity and discretion are my most prized professional possessions. 
Woman Owned Business
While there is no “diamond ceiling” – being a business woman in the diamond industry is still not trivial and it is important to promote women’s inclusion in the industry. I believe increased visibility of women in the diamond field will encourage other women to venture into this exciting industry.
Contributing to Building a Better World
I believe that success comes with responsibility. When interviewing women diamantaires, I always conclude with the question:

“What is the added value you contribute to the world through your position as a woman and diamantaire?”

Our privilege as diamantaires is to travel the world and build a network of leaders, public figures and powerful business decision makers. We can access these pinnacles of society and recruit them to create a better world around us. I springboard my experience and social capital to support and empower The House in Neve Ofer, an initiative of The Jaffa Institute.


Executive Summary, Nurit Rothmann:


  • Former Chairwoman of the Public Relations Committee of the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association 

  • Former Director at the Executive Committee of the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association

  • Founder of N.Rthmann: a first-of-its-kind blog for sharing data 

  • Co-Founder and previous owner of Bluedax rough diamond Broker

  • Co-Founder of the Women Diamantaires Forum in Israel

  • Founder of the prestigious column “The Diamantairesses” (Hebrew) – a pioneering initiative promoting women in the diamond industry. 

  • Research, create and regularly publish well read and internationally recognized data-driven reports analyzing diamond market

  • Regularly compose original, thought-provoking content in relation to international economics as it plays out in the diamond industry

  • Document and publish economic analysis and interviews with industry influencers

  • Contributor at:

The Diamond Loupe,

Idex Online, Bloomberg,

Charles Stanley Jeweler Magazine,

World Diamond Mark Magazine,

Rough and Polished,


  • Member of the Israeli Diamond Manufacturers Association

  • Member of the Israeli Diamond Exchange

  • 20 years experience in the diamond industry

  • 15 as a rough diamond broker

  • Graduated from Interior Architecture and Design studies, qualified Art & Antiquities Evaluator

  • Council member and supporter of The Jaffa Institute for promoting children and youth at risk

  • Former Chairwoman of promotion committee of Panama Diamond Exchange.