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A Cowardly Act of Desperation

This email (detailed below) arrived in my inbox via a mailing list for sightholders and others closely associated with the diamond industry:

A call for strike maybe?!

As the writer preferred to stay anonymous, we can only assume that he or she is either a provocateur trying to make a scene or a desperate sightholder (ineffectively) expressing undoubtedly justified concern and agony.

If you want to step forward and lead a strike, SPEAK UP!

No one will follow an anonymous coward. I ask you, dear writer:

  • What have you got to lose? You are already losing your money and your dignity!

  • How can you have so much capital and yet so little confidence?

  • Haven’t you heard? The power is within the customer. The power is in your hands!

  • Do you want to start a strike ? A revolution? Do you want to finally stand up for your rights? Your business? For your lifetime achievement?


- Maggie Kuhn

Dear all,

As a sight holder who has suffered like all of you a few years of no profitable and even loosing boxes, I encourage you, at this difficult period not to take any box which doesn't have the value of at least 10% gross profit after polishing.

Please, if your future, the future of your children and the future of your diamond business is important to you. Don't agree to take the boxes.

We all have enough of "invest in future reflations "we all have enough of " you have made a lot of money in the past”.

These murderers , yes - murderers sell you with a smile boxes that loose 10 and 15 percent and the dare to tell you "invest in the future."

I say, let them deal with 300 , 400, 500 million of dollars that are not taken . I want to see how they survive. I want to see Philippe says " I take care on my business and is it not my duty to take care of my clients."

Don't be afraid to reject, nothing will really happen (unless some stupid sightholder will act stupidly and buy the boxes) they need our money, they need us and it is legitimate to expect a fair pricing which leaves also to our side some profit. If DeBeers would make 300 million less a year in profit it would leave each of us (on average) with extra 3. Million dollars. What's bad and what's wrong in such a request??

And please , don't be "clever" and don't be heroes - don't tell them in the ear "whatever others reject, please give me" , they will do it with pleasure and at the end of the day they will go drink and laugh about you . "This idiot tried to show us how big he is and took all strops that other rejected"

Let's take care of our future, brothers.

I wish you all the best and I am happy to receive your comments.

Also please forward this to other sight holders.

- Just a simple sightholder


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